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April 1, 2014

Go, Read: A Brief Report On Student Protests Against South Carolina Legislature's Idiocy

I'm encouraged to read about students protesting the move by South Carolina state legislators to directly punish a pair of colleges for assigning work which they believe runs counter to their religious beliefs or whatever, I guess because a part of them is about and each work in more comprehensive fashion assumes as reality people being gay. One of the works in question is Fun Home, Alison Bechdel's award-winning comics memoir. I wish more students were involved, including those that might look at this straight-up as an intellectual freedom issue, but I want to say that without criticizing in any way the student groups already involved.

I think this story is wholly asinine, the kind of thing where you can take away seven objections you have to how an argument is formulated, just take them right of the table for no particular reason, and you can still wholeheartedly reject the actions of the lawmakers on multiple items of stupidity that remain in play. It is a timballo of dumbassery -- to define those works this way, to object to works that have ideas you don't like, to foist your judgment on educators from afar, to punish educators by cutting program funding, etc. -- and I hope the lawmakers that now have this in front of them will do the responsible, righteous thing and restore the cuts. I imagine censure is too much to ask.
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