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July 14, 2014

Go, Read: A Few Stories From The Newspaper Strip Industry

* the comic strip takeaway from this article on Garry Trudeau's streaming TV show Alpha House is that Doonesbury seems likely to remain on hiatus for a while, perhaps the length of time that Trudeau works on the show. Trudeau is a talented and I'd argue important TV writer for as little work as he's done there, so despite my admiration for Doonesbury I'm encouraged just as a fan of quality work that he seems fired up to be making that show -- beyond the fact that I'm happy for creative people to do whatever the hell they want work-wise.

image* the Sacramento Bee will no longer run Wee Pals, the long-running, diversity-conscious strip by Morrie Turner, a West Sacramento resident and key comics historical figure who passed away in January. The article asserts that the strip is still being sold in re-run form, which is surprising to me only in that Turner's feature had what I understand to be a very small client list at his life's end. The Bee is replacing Wee Pals with Intelligent Life, which is cartoonist David Reddick's recently-launched shot at a classically syndicated title of his own. Reddick has worked in a variety of formats for years now, including a lengthy stint at Jim Davis' Paws, Inc.

* there's a fun overview of the syndication business -- with a focus on comics -- by Rob Tornoe over at Editor & Publisher. I wasn't quite aware that that many companies were using consolidation models, for instance. It also names a couple of niche media syndicates that I would imagine might be pitchable on comics features tooled to their audiences.

* finally, that's an interesting cartoon coming from Scott Stantis, for the reason he notes: that he's steadfastly pro-Israel. A lot of American cartoons about Israel become about the abstraction of supporting or not supporting Israel rather than the issue at hand, and I appreciate Stantis making this cartoon in that I figure he'll get a lot of blowback based on the assumptions that come from such a firmly-ensconced dichotomy.
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