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December 12, 2013

Go, Read: A Miracleman History Lesson

imageCorey Blake makes a point that I hadn't considered, that the Marvelman re-do spearheaded by writer Alan Moore some 30+ years ago now has since been used as a springboard by so many works that, when you combine that rampant borrowing with elements of the comic book series' presentation that are very much of its time, the end result is modern readers may not get the same thrill out of the adventures of Michael Moran and his sparkly alter-ego that comic-shop denizens did in the mid-1980s. I tend not to think of comics in that way; I think creative work has value above and beyond its ability to perpetually re-enter the modern marketplace as a contemporary contender that makes someone even more money, or, leaving money out of it, to even just appeal in the same way. Pogo is difficult now, but Pogo is still great. I do recognize this is a model a lot of people consider and that relevancy is a validation that a lot of readers want from the popular art with which they interact. Me, I'm happy with the once-popular, the old, or the outright unfashionable.
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