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January 28, 2014

Go, Read: A Nice 24-Hour Comics Guide From 2013

Dan Berry had a guide to making 24-hour comics up at the Drawing Words And Writing Pictures site last year here that I've seen several folks reference over the last couple of days. Making those kinds of comics can be a great exercise in terms of figuring out your own creative process, although the context for them has completely changed sine the 1990s when people had a hard time conceiving of projects that didn't take forever to do. At any rate, this all sounds like good advice to me. I've done quick-creation projects before, although never a 24-hour comic. Those kinds of projects have become a part of the Angouleme Festival, and I'm surprised that more North American shows haven't worked some sort of on-site creation programming into their plans -- although I bet it would be difficult to convince folks to participate.
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