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March 29, 2013

Go, Read: A Pair Of Profiles Of Arab Spring-Related Cartoonists


There are two edifying profiles up right now of cartoonists who have come to greater international attention because of their work in and around the Arab Spring movement, or at least the spotlight on that region of the world and its cartoon-makers that the sprawling news event has facilitated. Medea Benjamin profiles Dooa Eladl, whose work is funny and strong and immediately graspable by western audiences, which I don't find is always the case with Middle Eastern cartoonists. It's hard not to admire the statement of absolute certainty in the value of one's work that concludes that article. The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's coverage of Fumetto yields this article, where they profile two cartoonists in their 30s: Lena Merhej and Mohamed Shennawy.
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