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August 22, 2013

Go, Read: A Pair Of Stories About The Newspaper Business

* I thought this article, while not about comics not even one little bit -- except in the broad, assumed sense that comic strips are an important expression of comics more generally and thus any article about wider newspaper and media trends has something to say about comics -- puts into solid perspective a lot of the issues facing on-line publishing using a lot of current example and providing figures. Maybe this kind of analysis is old hat in that part of the world, but I certainly don't get exposed to it all that frequently, and I appreciated it.

* this article I missed talks about a recent switch at several Australian newspapers away from more expensive, locally-produced work to cheaper, internationally-syndicated product being used in its stead. This is the mechanism of 40 years ago being brought to bear on a problem of right now, so it's sort of fascinating that way. It's also super thoroughly grim and offers no way out, which I admire. I'm not sure there is one, either.
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