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July 16, 2014

Go, Read: AMI Brief In Support Of Kirby Family Vs. Marvel

We're a bit further along in terms of moving towards a potential new ruling on the long-running Kirby Family vs. Marvel case -- Marvel has since filed its response to the latest petition -- but this article from the Association Of Medical Illustrators might be worth a read all by itself if you're interested in the case or in the idea that some of the legal construction that has supported Marvel can be argued to be of a dubious nature, and may just be bad law in some ways.

I am operating out of my depth in terms of figuring out which way things might go -- I'm no longer young enough and dumb enough to trumpet a certain outcome as inevitable, and I'm just old enough to be cynical that none of this gets worked out -- but I hope for the most just outcome and the best law, and I bemoan that this wasn't all taken care of years ago. I know that some think that was always an impossibility -- citing Marvel's history/nature or indicting the lawyer Marc Toberoff as if this break betweem creator/heirs and company were only a few years old -- but I think there could have been a better outcome by now, and still hold out that this could come to pass.
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