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June 18, 2014

Go, Read: Ben Towle On The Late Chris Reilly

I am so very far behind on my formal obituary writing. It is my every intention to write one for the recently passed-away writer Chris Reilly. But as it's going to be a couple of weeks before I have that specific kind of writing time carved out of my calendar, I'd like to direct you to this powerful personal reminiscence from Ben Towle. It is better than anything I'll end up writing.

This weekend is Heroes Con, and as is the case with any significant show weekend -- which is just about every weekend now -- a lot of friendships will be forged or revitalized in the next 120 hours. The ongoing convention that is the social media dominated Internet is also a place where these very unique acquaintanceships are forged. They are one of comics' saving graces. My condolences to Reilly's friends and family.
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