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July 4, 2014

Go, Read: Bob Levin On Patrick Rosenkranz's S. Clay Wilson Book

It's over at The editors of the Journal had a weird week that involved their wondering out loud whether to kill their comments -- which given the tradition of "Blood & Thunder" in the print magazine is a testier issue for them than for most of us -- and then taking a round of pummelings on twitter and in some other places for various perceived shortcomings, both insitutional and rhetorical.

On the other hand, they also published a giant Kevin Huizenga interview, a Ryan Holmberg piece, one of the best Jog pieces in a long time and this new thing from Bob Levin. Holmberg, Jog and and Levin is a terrifying trio of writers to have in your holster. One of them writes every week. Another writes very frequently. While I hope they'll address some of the criticisms they receive, I think they'll be fine. Maybe the idea is to ask how to make the rest of the magazine more like the best articles that appear. It's not about filling pages anymore.
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