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May 28, 2014

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On What That Retailer Summit Was Like

I always read Brian Hibbs' Tilting At Windmills columns at CBR and this latest was no exception. It's useful for its lengthy description of what going to a retailer summit is like, right down to how the show is physically set up. He underlines retailer sentiment concerning news that DC's sales department icon Bob Wayne will be leaving the company soon. Hibbs even mentions that there were a bunch of female retailers in attendance this year, which is super-encouraging information to have even in anecdotal form. (Under torture, I could name maybe a half-dozen such retailers, none of them new.)

I'm also grateful for Hibbs' assessment of having a comics show in Las Vegas, given that all the talk over the last half-decade of the place as an eventual -- even inevitable! -- home for the Comic-Con event. There are no public spaces in Las Vegas, not really, and while comics people are willing to spend money on comics-related things, they are much less willing to spend money anywhere else. It might be fun to have a pro/con or something similar there, though.
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