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February 6, 2018

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On Comics Released Weekly

imageHere. I appreciate Hibbs being upfront that his sample size is limited to his two stores, but I think this feels right in a way that I'm glad to have him speak up. If there's any evidence to the contrary, that weekly comics provide a sales boost unique to itself and worth disrupting that specific market's flow, now's the time to see it.

One thing Brian doesn't underline as much as I might is that even people that buy weekly might prefer to consume monthly title to title. That certainly describes me. I'd also be interested in how much easier it is for people to switch to a trade paperback purchase if they know one is coming in 45 days or so.

I'm worried that the market drivers are going to try and stunt their way out of the current downturn in sales by basically employing all the stunts. It could work, but if there's an opportunity to actually find a long-range tenable solution that drives markets away from self-damage, I'd prefer to see that.
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