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March 21, 2014

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On Selling Back Issues

imageThe retailer and industry advocates writes about trying to make a store asset of the back-issues that came with a second store he recently took over.

It's a fascinating article for the accumulation of detail -- no one in his market sells back issues, he feels with some reason that the move away from long-running series and into constantly re-launching series has a disconnective element to it in the same way that the move to home theater viewing provides a break with movie-going from the mid-20th Century -- and for the fact that it's open ended. I'm fond of the comic book format for reasons that go beyond nostalgia. Or, at least, I'm not nostalgic in general with formats, so my hunch is that I actually do prefer to have some of these comic in comic book form as opposed on the shelves for reasons other than 12-year-old me read them this way. I'm not sure exactly what that means, though, or if it's something that isn't just flat-out a nostalgic exercise because the market has migrated elsewhere -- to books and on-line.
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