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January 8, 2018

Go, Read: Brian Hibbs On The Year 2017 At His Stores

imageHere. There's a lot of just lists, double-spaced in a way that makes them seem endless, but I'm grateful to get this much information from any store let alone a high-quality duo like Brian's pair.

Direct market stores are hurting right now because of the extremely poor performance of key players that constitute the bulk of the sales profile served by such stores when they're running well. I'm not th audience for mainstream and indie-genre work, but there are a lot of talented people that work in those areas of comics and a lot of the retailers that carry books I tend to like -- like Hibbs' flagship store -- thrive when those kinds of books do well. I think an interesting question is how much of this is self-damage an how much of this is natural exhaustion for specific concepts and characters, but that would be a longer essay than Brian's.
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