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November 1, 2013

Go, Read: CBLDF Round-Up On Issue #2 of Fraction/Zdarsky's Sex Criminals Under Review By Apple

Casey Gilly over at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund provides a smart and sensitive round-up of information regarding Apple putting Sex Criminals #2 under review in a way that has caused it not to be available through one of the major digital channels in a way folks expected it would be. That is a comic by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky published by Image: it's a sex comedy, basically, pretty common to what you might see on screen but rare to comics. Apple has enough of a history with material aimed at more adult readers that this causes some alarm. The nice thing about the Gilly piece is that it's worth reading even if the book ends up passing review. The upshot is that while this is unfortunate and should be monitored and has mega-distressing implications, there are so many options in the marketplace that when combined with the attention a book might receive for being banned, the whole thing might end up a wash in terms of sales.

In a way, this provides a snapshot of a certain kind of censorship right now, that the market forces that might conspire against certain kinds of material being easily available -- for whatever reason, perhaps never illuminated -- are thwarted by the sprawl of technology and competing ways of getting material to the market. The danger, one supposes, is in waving off backwards behavior as irrelevant rather than confronting it as if it were the whole ballgame, because 1) wrong is wrong and 2) wrong builds on wrong.
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