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February 21, 2014

Go, Read: Chris Ross Talks To Bruce Lidl About Top Shelf Pursuing DRM-Free And Bundled Strategies

I like this interview at The Beat between Chris Ross of Top Shelf and Bruce Lidl one this announcement for a number of reasons. The first is that Ross brings up a bunch of things that run counter to conventional wisdom in a very engaged, conversational matter. The second is how he assigns where different digital comics platform options generate value for themselves, which is not something I've thought about. The third is a reminder that Top Shelf has been fairly aggressive about a lot of digital endeavors, just in a limited way. The fourth is that the general attitude behind the offer, that finding a better way to do things is more important than winning an argument about the issue in abstraction, appeals to me. So I urge you to read it. One thing I get from Ross when I talk to him is a willingness to let his opinion by shaped by what he's seeing, which sounds like damning with faint praise but it's actually pretty common ini comics and in digital culture to let one's appetites and points of view dictate an idea of how everything works and should continue to work. So to be open to piecing together information that doesn't fit a theory for actual practical application as opposed to making a point is a very positive quality.
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