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February 10, 2014

Go, Read: Colleen Doran About Her Brain Fog

imageColleen Doran writes about her forgetfulness and focus issues and the medical reason behind them here. I think there are frequently contributing causes like this when someone has a long period of not functioning well. Also, while one can imagine in some cases -- not Doran's -- there may be a self-inflicted or self-enabling element involved that doesn't mean the medical side should be discounted or ignored as a treatable possibility. One of the reasons that good healthcare is so important to members of various creative communities that tend to lack access to it is the treatment of problems like this one, and I hope that comics collectively, whatever that's going to mean going forward, can get to a better place with this stuff in the next two decades. In the meantime, I hope that people with new access to health care plans will look into anything chronic they can think of that might be getting them down; if this has been made available to you yet, I'd suggest calling around and finding a doctor that could take you on for cash payments -- a lot of doctor's offices, particularly in small or poor communities, will discount up to 50 percent for cash at time of appointment.
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