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February 6, 2012

Go, Read: ComicsAlliance On Pizza Island Closure

Laura Hudson over at ComicsAlliance covers the recently-announced closure of the Pizza Island studio space by talking to the members of the studio about their immediate plans. This includes Kate Beaton, who also made recent news for announcing some adjustments in her cartoon-making work schedule. Beaton gets off a funny line about the level of interest in what is essentially just a place where a bunch of cartoonists went to work. There is some of that, for sure: the temptation to type "Pizza Island diaspora" is significant and of course inherently ridiculous. In the end I think the attention comes because it's useful to look at the intersection of a bunch of careers as a way to get a snapshot on the state of the art form. It's a fine approach to that kind of story, and a good piece by Hudson.
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