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March 18, 2014

Go, Read: ComicsAlliance Provides A Superhero Head Count

The folks at ComicsAlliance have come up with a way of counting the relative representation of white, non-Hispanic, cisgender, straight males and everyone else in Big Two superhero comics, which they then apply to the modern roster. It's fun. It's no surprise that white, non-Hispanic, cisgender straight males are overrepresented, but I think it might surprise some casual readers that the number aren't ruthlessly and terrifyling overbalanced in their favor. As someone that is privileged in a way to not have ever thought about representation from a personally engaged point of view -- I was always covered -- and who is now even further oriented away by personal preference for certain kinds of art in a way that doesn't lead to paying a lot of attention to companies and their mileus as an existing resource to be adjusted, this was an intriguing read.
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