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March 6, 2014

Go, Read: David Apatoff And Robert Fiore Discuss Comics

There's a nice mini-discussion brewing between the critics David Apatoff and Robert Fiore here springing from an Apatoff piece about some specific comics artists but informed more generally by his admiration for older cartoonists like Mort Drucker and Leonard Starr in the light of praise offered comics-makers like Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware. I think all of the opinions offered so far are both a) worth considering, b) make for really poor "let's you and him fight" material. In other words, I think what's being said is more useful as ways to enter into Drucker, Starr, Ware and Spiegelman both positive and negatively than to engage with any comparison of the value of those artists. Fiore's most recent, lengthy response as of this posting is some pretty prime Bob Fiore, too, particulary using an inverse of the Bushmiller line.
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