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May 29, 2014

Go, Read: David Harper On Making Comic Book Art As A Vocation; Warren Ellis On Trees #1 Sales

image* there's an effective piece over at Multiversity by a writer named David Harper about many of the pressures facing those who want to make a career out of making comics from the arts-end of that equation. It makes a fine companion to yesterday's discussion of European cartoonists grappling with the market that regularly yields $1300 a month income for even successful comics-makers. There's still a little bit of talking around the issue of "how much do you make doing this stuff anyway?" but there are a number of figures and valuable insights that make themselves known -- certain page rates, how artists ramp up production to make a gig work financially, and so on.

* the prominent comics-maker Warren Ellis writes directly about sales and print runs for his new comic with Jason Howard, Trees, in a way that, as asserted in the previous bulleted item, people in North American comics rarely employ. It probably is less tough to make this kind of confession when it's for a book that doesn't sell as well as that one seems to have first time out of the gate.

We are due a massive reconsideration of what being a professional comics-makers means, perhaps by the end of the year, and both of these posts may help to get us there. Let's hope.
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