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September 22, 2016

Go, Read: Dominic Wells' Piece On Alan Moore

Here. It's lengthy, but I've liked it so far and if I post about it I can come back and finish it later on with more ease than just making a bookmark.

Moore's a difficult creator to parse sometimes and there are big chunks of his career that are problematic for me so I can't even imagine how others figure him out. I think he's formidable, though, and I think what pains me about his up and down reputation of recent vintage is that I believe weightier than that kind of broad engagement based on fashion and commercial expectations. I also think that DC lately has been a bad witness to what they had in Moore, reducing him to an IP generator as opposed to a skilled executor of significant work, and the resulting friction between Moore and corporation has resulted in statements that are harmful to people that love and are thus sensitive about certain things. It's a dumb, deeply unfortunate way to engage with a forceful talent.
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