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June 24, 2014

Go, Read: Drew Friedman On His Selection Process For His Forthcoming Heroes Of The Comics

imageHere. I'm all for people making criticism of history and critical appraisals based on whatever criteria they think isn't getting enough support. I'm just as happy to see people making informed choices according to whatever standards they have, which may not facilitate the desired outcome of someone with different standards.

What I hope is that both sides honor the other by taking their considerations seriously and not, say, going right to ascribing motivations and certainly not doing so in a facile way. I don't always get to have that, although certainly my desire isn't as painfully felt as the exclusion others have experiences. Happily, I've seen it in what's been formally published so far on this particular work, so I'm glad. Hopefully, it will continue.

If I were to make a similar list, I might have a few changes, and I'm also pretty sure it wouldn't be radically different. I feel the same way about a lot of historical appraisals that tons of folks have criticized, including my own appraisals and those I've edited. I think that's healthy, and I welcome the conversation. Let's keep going.
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