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November 20, 2012

Go, Read: Exhibition-Driven Article On Ukrainian Cartooning

imageThat might be the least appealing subject-line in this site's long-history of dubious subject lines, but I quite liked this article about an exhibition of US political cartoons in Kiev that drives a bit of discussion concerning that country's recent history with that kind of comics-making. There's a throwaway observation in there that kills me. Apparently, the Soviet hangover means that cartoons about dubious middle-managers and bureaucrats are that region's equivalent of our cartoons about desert islands and dead celebrities talking to St. Peter. I mean, that totally makes sense, but it's still funny to me. There's also what seems like some honest engagement with the realities of the profession coming from the cartoonists quoted, including the point that probably needs to be made whenever an article like this is written that there's just not a lot of print cartooning in the former Soviet republics. I don't have a really good grasp on comics in those places, but I remember thinking back in the 1990s when writing some obituaries that it always seemed like the bulk of talented comics-makers on the other side of the Iron Curtain got diverted into animation in a pretty significant way.

It's also fun to look at the work of a cartoonist named Anatolli Kazansky, whose loose, fun style I'd read every single damn day were he to publish in a North American newspaper.
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