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January 24, 2014

Go, Read: Guardian On Alan Moore's Cranky Dismissals

There's an article here about some of the notions brought up on the cultural criticism side of writer Alan Moore's latest big interview. I wrote and posted an earlier mini-essay since deleted that I thought engaged what the writer was saying but on second pass-through really didn't. I actually don't know what the writer is saying. The notion that comics used to be dangerous cultural objects and they've been neutered by the respectability of graphic novels is an old one, and sort of a boring one, and potentially a revealing-in-a-sexist-way one. It's also hard for me to get worked up about the novelty of comics as a cultural signifier of semi-increased sophistication, or where it stands as such in relation to prose, or what their coverage reveals about the potential cynicism of traditional gatekeepers. All of that stuff seems to float up out of its own arcane world of minor detail, assumed value and arguable significance... sort of like those you used to read about in a comic book.
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