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June 16, 2014

Go, Read: Indian Comics' Crisis Of Faith

imageI don't know enough about comics in India beyond a few rounded at the edges feature articles to provide a great deal of context to this article that takes a more sober look at comics' current place in the cultural firmament, but I sure enjoyed reading the article. I'm willing to take it as information received, even if I wonder after the timeline and about which specific projects are relevant and in what ways that provides a snapshot to the wider marketplace. I simply don't know.

My hunch of a takeaway is that despite the promise of comics in that part of the world, the reality is split between the kinds of issues facing comics everywhere (how big is its natural audience, and what kind of marketplace that will sustain) and issues specific to Indian (the vastly different religious make-up city to city and all that portends for free exprssion through an unfamiliar form). For several understandable reasons it's the promise of that market where a lot of us have lived thus far, and at some point we're likely to move on to a more nuanced view. Maybe this is a start to get us there.
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