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March 18, 2014

Go, Read: Jacob Covey On Designing New S. Clay Wilson Book

imageHere. It was originally on designer Jacob Covey's Facebook page as a friends-only post and Mike Baehr at Fantagraphics beat me to getting a reprint okay. It's a good-looking book, and Covey's brief take on the choices that got him there show the reflection and thought that goes into a lot of the best comics design now.

I hope that people will read the Wilson book, although I think that the Undergound work is a weird position culturally. It's getting close to fifty years in the review mirror now, which to give you some perspective would have been like looking at Golden Age comic books from the mid-1980s. There's also a lack of continuity for the bulk of it in terms of fans living a lifetime with those artists -- some of the cartoonists have been barely reprinted if at all, and as a group they're seen mostly as a distinct thing from the alt-/arts- comics movement that came later. Those cartoonists that exist in both worlds almost had to reestablish themselves in the new place rather than building on the old, with Crumb the only exception. They were also working in a social milieu very far removed from our own. Still, there are so many good comics there, I hope we can all enjoy some of them together.
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