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July 7, 2014

Go, Read: Jeet Heer On Harold Gray's Anti-Racism

My mom's favorite writer about comics, Jeet Heer, has an article up here, excerpted from the tenth volume in that excellent series of books from IDW re-publishing the great Little Orphan Annie strip, about Harold Gray's conservative anti-racism impulses as put on display in his comics. The way that Gray responds to objections by reminding newspapers they are one publication on a lengthy client list makes me laugh, but it's not that different from an "acceptable losses" strategy that some strips seem to utilize today.

With Heer's piece joining recent very good posts at including Marc Sobel interviewing Kevin Huizenga and Bob Levin reviewing Patrick Rosenkranz's new book, I don't think I care what the hell they do with their comments. Hopefully, after they decide to do whatever it is they decide to do, they can focus on some of the more serious charges made against them on occasion, all the while continuing to provide quality content where the contributor is paid for publication rights.
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