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April 29, 2014

Go, Read: Jen Sorensen Profile

imageThis is a really nice and sort of old-fashioned newspaper feature profile by Michael Cavna of the cartoonist Jen Sorensen, poised to receive the Herblock Prize tonight and its cash prize. That's a very nice story, and you might just read it because it's a nice story.

A couple of things about it that spring to mind: The first is that the Herblock Prize has gained by giving this award to Sorensen, just as Sorensen gets the benefit of that honor. Another is that it may be shocking to some of you to think of Sorensen as an editorial cartoonist drawn to that form of expression in part because of the shape of politics the year 2000 and moving forward, but that's what Sorensen is. It is not unreasonable to see cartoonists like Sorensen as part of a wider chorus of satirical voices that grew out of pushback against the excesses of the most recent Bush Administration. We frequently discuss how the forms and formats and commercial avenues available to younger editorial cartoonists have a drastic impact on the work being created, but we're also talking a generational shift just in terms of the issues and how they're processed.
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