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July 31, 2013

Go, Read: Jim Lee, Dan DiDio Interviewed At

Part one of Milton Griepp's interview with DC honchos Jim Lee and Dan DiDio is here; the second part is here. Like many comics executive interviews, it frustrates and intrigues.

The frustrations come from the direction and spin of analysis, of the explanations that accompany answers. If there is really less editorial direction from DC than there was 10 years ago -- Lee and DiDio's answers diverge a bit here, even -- then there is a massive group delusion settled in on the comics professionals I've encountered, all of whom seem to talk of nothing else when the company's name comes up. It seems to me there is plenty of speculation driving a certain kind of variant cover, whether or not these efforts are successful and also aside from some variant cover stunts that might be genuinely "we would like to give you an option of buying this cool cover over here." I also don't think you'd find widespread agreement that DC's talent pool is deeper now, not in a significant way for retailers hoping to find more ways to sell not-top-of-line DC books. I think there's a perception that maybe not as many odd professionals from the 1990s are being employed so that DC's talent pool has a chance to grow if they select the right new talent. Also, and I know this probably sounds mean, but getting behind Vertigo once a Sandman work is scheduled does seem sort of like the team general manager that names himself coach when a monster #1 draft choice is in the bag. I have no idea if Before Watchmen numbers were as sunny as described here, but if this was their optimal outcome I'm even more stunned than usual this was found worth doing. And so on.

I do appreciate that DiDio and Lee make themselves available to certain members of the press like this. The interesting parts to me involve the characterization of numbers being super-up and the degree to which they're comfortable describing how their readers are coming to their digital comics. I'm also intrigued by Lee's answer about the diversity of creator choices being a nice thing.
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