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June 2, 2014

Go, Read: Jim Milliot's Early Summary Article On BEA At PW

My guess is this article by Jim Milliot on the recently completed Book Expo America will likely set the tone for coverage of the event we'll see this week. It's interesting to me to see the Amazon Vs. Hachette thing being processed, particuarly in that it seems a big part of that story is Amazon's willingness to fight with that company the way they're fighting. It's good to be reminded that Hachette is a giant company with very little claim to be aligned with smaller publishers and booksellers as a tonic for when such a claim is goofily implied, but I don't see anything about Amazon's out-in-the-open moves that make it something they'd only do to a really big company with which they disagree on policy.

The other thing that jumps out at me is Book Con, which this article notes was kind of pre-packaged hit for Reed -- we go plans for a sequel before the first one was done. I'm glad they finally moved firmly in this direction after what seemed like talking about it for 176 years, but I do think there are some structural issues involved. It's not easy for every publisher to combine the preparation necessary for an industry trade show with the preparation necessary for a consumer show, which might make one wonder why this isn't its own event, flat out, four days long and focused on what it does very well.

I'm sure the sites with some New York reach had people at the show and you're likely to see a smattering of articles over the next few days. I talked to some folks at the show, and everyone I spoke to found it useful. I'm always surprised there isn't more media coverage facilitated at the show, but perhaps there are publishing news entities out there with six months of forthcoming coverage arranged and I'm just projecting my own stay-at-home state.
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