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March 19, 2014

Go, Read: John Ostrander On The Changes In Amanda Waller

John Ostrander is a primary creator (I think that's fair; it's complicated) of the Amanda Waller character used by him in the long-running Suicide Squad comics he did for DC a generation of readers ago. She has since been revamped, slimmed-down and made a mover-and-shaker in the New52 version of the DC line and on the Arrow television show. He writes about his perspective on that here. I'm sure there have been many stops along the way, like the Green Lantern movie.

There are couple of things I thought interesting. One is that I don't know that we've heard a writer talk openly about some of the regret in a company or subsequent creators changing key, distinguishing elements to a character, at least in a way that's not charged with the fury of some wider drama. Isolated, by itelf, that has to be a potential bummer. Another is that Ostrander mentions that he expects to see some money from the character's use. The state of that kind of program at DC and in those characters' wider use in film, on TV and through licensed product is something that isn't all the way clear right now -- most people I've talked to believe it's been also greatly slimmed down.
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