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February 5, 2013

Go, Read: Joseph Hughes On Lack Of Black Writers At The Big Two Mainstream Companies

ComicsAlliance Editor-In-Chief Joseph Hughes has written a piece about the lack of black writers historically and currently at the big mainstream comics companies, getting into very specific reasons why he thinks the numbers are what they have been and what they are now. I do have more sympathy than I probably should for temporary race and gender disparities at comics companies because of the specificity of the skill-sets needed and the way that comics companies are either flat-broke or run as if they're flat-broke. I think there are times when a snapshot of a specific company at a specific time might be super-unflattering and I can accept that -- whether I should or not, I don't know. But over the long-term, where it's not a snapshot but a camera left on for months and years, and the numbers aren't just low but at zero, at those times and in that way the record is telling and damning, particularly for companies that simply don't choose to spend their resources to make this situation a better one.

I've avoided the comments.
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