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January 16, 2014

Go, Read: JT Dockery's Best Of 2013

imageI'm still casting about madly for 2013 Best-Of lists, and liked this one I came across from the cartoonist JT Dockery. His choices were:

* A Greater Hell Beyond and Heathen, Jeremy Baum
* Annotated #10-11, Aaron Cockle
* Bright Spiral Vol. 1, Christopher Judge
* Capacity #8, Logic Storm and Relax We Have Alien Vehicles, Theo Ellsworth
* Goddess Hand and You Can't Put A Condom On Your Dreams, Matt Crabe
* Hideous, Kevin Uehlein
* Little Tommy Lost, Cole Closser
* Out Of Hollow Water, Anna Bongiovanni
* Songs Of The Abyss, Eamon Espey
* The Half Men, Kevin Huizenga

That's the first time I've seen about half of that work on any best-of list. What a strange year for comics.
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