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February 24, 2014

Go, Read: Kevin Melrose Contextualizes SC Fun Home Story

The superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose has his usually outstanding summary post here on last week's revelation that there was a move on the state legislative committee level to withhold funds from two of the state's schools because of their choices of material designated by the withholders as gay culture influenced. One of those books is Alison Bechdel's memoir Fun Home which was used as an incoming-freshman-group-read type book by the College of Charleston. Melrose notes that the funds can be restored at the full legislative level. I have such withering contempt for the foundational idiocy of that entire process -- defining works, declaring them unsuitable for school use, punishing schools that disagree -- that 1) it's hard for me to articulate my contempt for elements of the story for fear of accidentally legitimizing any intermediate step, 2) it's hard for me to endorse any positive outcome for fear of removing some of those responsible from the full brunt of criticism they deserve.

In general, it's difficult for me to imagine anything more loathesome and useless than this, and I hope any corrective is applied to the full, scouring extent of those nauseous feelings.
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