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May 7, 2014

Go, Read: Maggie Thompson Article On Archiving Photos

imageI don't cover the Comic-Con's blog posts from professionals as much as I should, so let me start to make amends by noting this Maggie Thompson article on archiving your photos. There are a couple of great picture in there, from an era where people would dress up for every comics-related activity including panels, if you just want to go there for that. Gil Kane's face kills me! Why I wanted to drive some attention to it, though, is the assumed that these sorts of items absolutely have value and that this should drive us to take care of them. I think this is 100 percent true. Further, I don't think merely doing an on-line archive of photos or the like works as well as taking care of the physical -- that's what our research and archival partners are able to take and store. It's hard sometimes to convince comics people that anything other than the art itself has any value whatsoever, but in terms of history, those kinds of original documents may be even more important.
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