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July 1, 2014

Go, Read: Marwa Sameer Morgan On Cartooning In Egypt

imageThis article in an English-language Egyptian newspaper on cartooning in the country as political change and occasional turmoil continue to hold sway starts in one direction and then heads into another. Both directions are interesting. The first indicates that the current regime has seen a lot fewer cartoons about its leaders, whereas depictions of Mubarak and Morsi were common. It looks like some of that is new law, some of that is a different orienation towards the military from many in the country, and some of that is that traditional channels are circumvented by reaching people through independent publications and social media.

The second I'm not sure I've seen in an article of this type before now. The argument here is that the editorial cartooning was so ubiquitous at one point that specific visual symbols kind of locked into place. Those that choose not to use that established symbolism may go undetected simply by virtue of not depicting things in the accepted way. This has led, in turn, to cartooning that takes a step back to see if previous visual choices dictate the range of criticism. Never heard anything like that in an article like this one, and it makes a lot of dormitory hallway conversation sense, at least.
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