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June 30, 2014

Go, Read: Massive Barnaby Vol. 2 Interview; Phil Nel's Errata

imageIt's almost against comics' encoded DNA to get truly excited about a reprint project in the same way that fans get worked up about new comics. We have so many great reprints; you could have a satisfying relationshipo with comics at this point only reading stuff originally made 40 years and longer ago.

I haven't read a better book this year than the second volume of Fantagraphics' collection of the Crockett Johnson Barnaby strip. There's a lot of stuff in that volume I hadn't seen before, and more that I'd barely seen, so it was sort of like having a new book and, with it, new eyes on the project. Even as much of a fan of that work as I am, I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the strip remained in this second grouping of years, how the relentless narrative push of Johnson's comics mirrored the timelessness of a child's daily existence. There's no read in comics like it, and there never was.

Here's a lengthy interview performed by Chris Mautner over at Robot 6, good enough it's scared me off of doing one of my own. Here is project co-producer Phil Nel politely and enthusiastically engaging with corrections to that work, a model for how one should do that.
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