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June 30, 2014

Go, Read: Michael Cavna On Ultimate Auction Fate For Those Bill Watterson Pearl Before Swine Comics

Michael Cavna of the Washington Post has a full description here of something this site mentioned briefly in the HeroesCon report that went up Sunday -- the Pearl Before Swine strips exhibited there which included middle panels from reclusive legend Bill Watterson. They'll be going up for auction to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research as is the case with the Team Cul De Sac efforts. You can read the formal press release here.

I believe from what I've been told it's that great friend of quality comics Todd Hignite that will be spearheading things from the Heritage Auctions end, and they'll be donating from their usual fee to the foundation as well.

Watterson has been wonderfully supportive of Richard Thompson since the diagnosis. They are currently exhibiting one room apart from one another at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.
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