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April 28, 2014

Go, Read: Michael Cavna On WaPo And The 1973 John Mitchell Guilty Guilty Guilty Doonesbury Cartoon


There's a clever article well-worth reading here from Michael Cavna about the Washington Post sort of kind of running a Doonsbury cartoon they refuesed to run back in 1973 when it was first syndicated. It's a nice reminder of how popular Doonesbury was at the time, how funny and trenchant that strip can be -- the joy with which Mitchell is declared guilty is the joke, not the declaration itself -- and how the Post seems to have a long history of bouncing cartoons they don't like. As Cavna points out, Mitchell was eventually found guilty -- although I think that character-based humor made that one legitimate even if that conviction never happened. Nice rolodex, too, Cavna. Sheesh.
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