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March 19, 2014

Go, Read: Michael Cavna Talks To The Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar About His Missing Jet Cartoon

Michael Cavna at the Washington Post talked to the cartoonist Zunar about his take on the missing Malaysian jet. Zunar criticizes the Malaysian government for its crouched hunch and also notes the unfortunate spectacle of the president waiting for an entire week to comment and then using the tragedy and mystery to take political shots at a rival for office. With the conspiracy talks -- which one imagines is driven in large part by the compelling central idea of something become lost in the modern, monitored world -- we haven't heard a lot about the regional and local politics involved, so it's nice to get that point of view from Zunar.

Responses from government officials earlier today encompassed criticism of both Zunar and the Post, and kind of bounced around everywhere, from the idea that criticism should have been set aside due to the nature of the tragedy to the notion that specific charges were baseless.
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