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September 26, 2013

Go, Read: Michael Dooley's Massive, Illustrated Survey Of Comics Referenced By Dr. Fredric Wertham


Michael Dooley over at Print Magazine has engaged Banned Books Week in a comics-focused way that I found deeply entertaining: a massive, fully-illustrated essay showing the comics to which Dr. Fredric Wertham objected in his writing about the depravity of the industry as it existed in the 1950s. Here's part one; here's part two. It's great to see that material in this context, and I'm grateful for all the scanning!

On Monday, the CBLDF detailed attempts to ban recent comics by geographical location and nature of the objection.

It's hard for me to even baseline-fathom the idea of purging books from libraries as a sensible reaction to anything, but it happens and it needs to be confronted with seriousness in ever instance possible.
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