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September 3, 2014

Go, Read: Pat Oliphant Interviewed At The Atlantic


This interview with Pat Oliphant over at The Atlantic is kind of an odd thing, skipping from broad questions about the general state of western civilization with stock questions about whether or not he might support a candidate that's fun to draw. It's a nice enough temperature-taking piece. He's not optimistic about the future, but then again, neither am I.

Oliphant has his detractors, and there are plenty of avenues one can take towards criticism of his late-period work. It's still visually accomplished, though, and thus packs a punch that other cartoonists can't begin to muster. I kind of like some of what gets criticized: I like that he still gets nasty, even though it can definitely get away from him in a way one wishes an editor might have talked him out of doing. Better overheated than a cold fish. I also like that at times it takes me a second to puzzle out the metaphors at work. Better too much to say than nothing at all. I'll certainly miss Oliphant when he's gone, and think the whole field changes when he -- as promised in the article -- moves on to something else.
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