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June 3, 2014

Go, Read: Pieces Criticial Of David Glanzer's Interviews & CCI's Approach To Anti-Harassment Policy

I'm working on something of my own regarding the Internet flare-up of pieces on Comic-Con International's approach to anti-harassment policy and publicity point man David Glanzer's public statements regarding this set of issues. It's taking me longer than I thought I would: I just can't write today, and I think this an issue poorly served by obtuse, digressive writing.

So hopefully today, maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, if this is something in which you're interested, I encourage you to read Comic-Con's code of conduct, the original petition, David Glanzer's interview with Comic Book Resources, my initial reaction to that piece, Chris Sims' piece at ComicsAlliance, Jill Pantozzi's piece at The Mary Sue, David Glanzer's interview with a local NBC affiliate, Heidi MacDonald's piece and this piece up at Slate.

I think that's the major stuff, I could be wrong. Heidi's is the closest to my way of thinking, right now.
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