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February 17, 2014

Go, Read: Profile Of Vermont's Cartoonist Laureate Ed Koren

I think it's perfectly if the primary use of a "cartoonist laureate" designation is that we stop and take stock of those that hold that honor. It was fun to re-appreciate James Kochalka a few years ago, and it's going to be fun getting to know Ed Koren again. Or maybe we're getting to know him the first time: the work is distinctive, but I'm not sure how familiar comics fans are with the person behind them. I'm not. One thing that comes out in these articles is the "Vermontishness" of the work in question, and I think that's an interesting way to look at Koren's cartoons. Everyone really does look like they drive Subarus. I'd just be happy to take a look at those art cabinets.
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