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July 1, 2014

Go, Read: Rob Salkowitz On Non-Profit Options

The writer and consultant Rob Salkowitz has an article up on the hobby business news clearinghouse about non-profit status as an option for comics publisher. He's pivoting from recent news that Dan Vado is conducting a gofundme campaign right now to save his longtime interest SLG Publishing. Vado in fact makes an appearance at the article's conclusion saying that conversation isn't an option because it seems like a tax dodge.

I oo think it's a good point Salkowitz brings up, though, and even more so for the kind of focused boutique publishing we see now. My hunch is that it's more an allocation of resources problem heading in than it is a perception anyone has of non-profit status. It's certainly an option I would explore if I were to do anything outside of CR in the years ahead.
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