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August 21, 2014

Go, Read: Sean Howe On Frank Miller At Wired

imageThe third time's the charm as far as big-publication profiles of the cartoonist and filmmaker Frank Miller go, with this Sean Howe piece at Wired outdoing similarly-focused treatments at the New York Times and Playboy in terms of insight and perspective. It also offers the best photos. It even suggests a continuity of vulnerability that informs Miller's work, a way of connecting the rage and drive of his superhero narratives to real moments of perceived physical danger.

I might haggle a bit with some of the details as presented: certainly Kim Thompson's review of Ronin kept that from being an across-the-board critical success, and I'd say even introduced a counter-narrative about Miller that came to drive much of the thinking about the cartoonist that surfaces in other parts of Howe's career survey. I might also describe DK2 as more of a popular disappointment than a critical one. Still, it's a strong piece across the board about an interesting and influential cartoonist. I hope Howe does more of this kind of thing moving forward.
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