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March 29, 2013

Go, Read: Stefan Kanfer Profiles George Herriman

imageThe writer Stefan Kanfer offers up a hugely solid profile of George Herriman and Krazy Kat here. I'm so grateful to have all of the published Herriman material of recent years in my modest comics library. I think those are beautiful comics, richly funny, and the part of my brain that processes comics as a series of impulses and hunches feels that you can look at Krazy Kat and draw a direct line between it and all of the comics since that have stressed an idiosyncratic mode of personal expression over other creative strategies. It's always worth reading about Herriman. It was nice to see the article mention the Top 100 issue of The Comics Journal as one of the cultural signposts for the strip as it's remembered. Although it was released into a completely different context than the one I believed would exist for it, that list stands up okay, I think.

thanks, Gil Roth
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