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January 29, 2018

Go, Read: TCJ's Magnificent Post On Cartoonist Mark Campos


This Paul Toomey remembrance and reminiscence of Mark Campos might be one of the best on-line posts I've ever read in relation to comics culture, and right up there with the best I've read, period.

TCJ has done a great job with similar posts about underground cartoonists, which I always took -- probably too much so -- as a testament to their relationship with that community. Those posts represented a lot of skill and editorial care, and so does this one. It's heartbreaking if you knew Mark, but I think it might read well in a completely different fashion if you didn't: a testament to all the quiet, consistent makers that don't ever gain a national audience, and maybe a spur to read some of Mark's work. Please read it. Thank you, TCJ.
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