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October 3, 2013

Go, Read: Ted Adams At On IDW Setting Company Sales Records With Their My Little Pony Books

The hobby and business news analysis site has a nice, short piece up here getting reaction from IDW head honcho Ted Adams on the recently announced milestone that his company has sold one million My Little Pony comic books. Adams says, among other things, that the first issue of the title is his company's all-time bestseller. There's also a reference to their getting an edition into the Scholastic book fairs program, a mighty recent engine for dissemination of comics material.

I imagine that most people will settle on the outreach implications of that piece, that people that don't tend to read comics are reading comics through this title. I think that is indeed a story, and part of a bigger story once you rope in similar projects from other publishers, particularly in a store-to-store way. I also think, though, that there's something to be said about the nature of media right now in that My Little Pony was potentially an under-appreciated thing in terms of its audience and that comics has been able to make new work for that audience. We've gotten used to thinking material that is comics-material breaking wide with movies and TV shows that we don't think of the equally vibrant practice of material working its way back into comics from a wider consciousness.
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