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April 25, 2014

Go, Read: The Beguiling Auctioning Off High-End Spider-Man Books

There's a fairly straight-forward story here about The Beguiling, one of the premier comic shops in the world, auctioning off a pair of high-end Spider-Man comics as well as some more recent variants -- the latter will benefit TCAF, the gigantic comics festival they sponsor. One thing that's been fascinating over the past few years is to watch existing comics entities move into different industry roles according to their having the opportunity to do so. We have creators releasing books of criticism and theory. We have stores, publishers and creators helping to launch or organize comics shows. We've even had stores turn publisher. That's not a new thing in comics, but I think it's a renewed thing in comics, and I don't know that with their festival and their original art sales arm that anyone has kind of made themselves more valuable to more facets of comics than The Beguiling. It's worth noting, and I hope no one in comics is ever afraid of asking, "Well, what can I do over here?"
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